Saturday, September 11, 2010

Notes on Living and Breathing Since 1987

the following will be an attempt to articulate the newly-made irrelevant structured tendencies of philosophical thought, specifically when viewed through the contextual lens of the past three decades. this will be in some ways reactionary to a frustration felt towards the convulsion of organized thought that characterizes post media explosion on a global scale. at this time, i am not necessarily seeking a solution--in some ways i seek to consciously evade that. read further fora vast and generalized list of fragmented notes to be expounded upon later.

-language has reached an end point in it's own development. no singular genre or sect of language remains effective (ie: nonfiction, fiction, poetic language, visual language, etc.) autonomously. the globalized sociological condition we all experience daily, in some way or another carries with it unquantifiable degrees of both inherent and constructed confusions. not just in terms of the bourgeois or first-world, but to anyone who exists among the pluralized. a more specific example of this is the convulsion experienced during the pursuit of becoming educated. not only in the realm of the institution, but also to those who choose self-education. it is almost as if everything that is written is written to be misread. (in my opinion, roland barthes is the most profoundly brilliant thinker of the past century, and at the same time most widely misread. come back to this point and make it more objective.) global expansion has instigated a trend of self-overgrowth that has extended beyond the limits of our own mortality.

i am speaking of something far more vast than the now cliche "human condition"--to me, the term "disease" seems more appropriate than "condition" to describe the experience at hand. this ideological disease embodies the appropriation of the word "disease" itself to this situation of which i am appropriating it towards, because it is self-created, much like some of the most anxiety-provoking of recent literal, physiological diseases. somewhere within the timeline of recent ideological pursuits of progress, an ugly binary has emerged. i'm not sure which would be more appropriate to describe this; i am torn between "cancer" and "schizophrenia". perhaps it is relevant to view these together.

points to be addressed:

-the ideology of difference within a hyper-capitalist environment

-modern psychiatry and it's various hidden agendas, outside of the american context

-eastern spirituality applied to the anxieties of terrorism

-maritime travel, western expansion, and wish-fulfillment fantasy

there's more...but not now. this is of course a work in progress. i'll come back to it soon.


  1. how will dis-ease be treated in the future? a compelling question.

  2. yeah, it really is. wish i could even begin to wrap my head around that one.

    i just remembered this post was spurred on by skype freezing when i was trying to talk to opie at 5AM.