Tuesday, January 20, 2009


(experimentation with free-association)

i am not devoted to anything, except my others, and myself, and everything around me. my brothers, my friends, their uncles, their dogs, and their dog's cages. the outside world has everything to do with me but i have no idea what it looks like. i am only interested in my irrelevant interests, my insides, and my potential corporations for withstanding the slavery that my governing, godly forces derive from the willpower of ancient sages who died seven years ago, and counting.

counting teeth, counting will. i will go to sleep only when it is appropriate and easily available. i will not longer put up a fight with my residual psychology that is in no way, shape or form anchored to the reality of what's outside my bedroom door. 

a pack of rabid wolves chasing you down the crowded streets of tokyo. this is a symbol for your anxiety. oh, prosperous anxiety! just like breaking glass bottles over the sensitive, flat head of iconic religious personalities. televangelists climbing mountains not for the sake of beauty, but for the sake of destroying everything kept deep within in the snow-covered caves of brilliant, benevolent, sweet sweet righteousness. 

you are the perfected version of the perfect version of my favorite, gleaming celebrity identity-fracturing politician. you are poverty and strife, and everything i still need to learn about everything i've never learned before. what are you looking at, stranger? i'm not even talking to you! you are obscene, but you look so healthy! you are much like walking up a never-ending flight of stairs only to find that you forgot what you came here for in the first place. 

i want nothing more, nothing other, than to connect to the peope around me. i want to help you. i want to wake up and see that you're still the same person i know and love so well. 

E                     N                        F                          J

this is my my new high score. my new cipher for my new world order. i start outward, and move inward, much like abraham lincoln or oprah winfrey.

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