Saturday, January 31, 2009


working for worlds. working for needs, not wants. thank you, god, for this much needed change of scenery.

third world everyone. fifth world everything. if you had only seen us when we were in our prime of time, you would have known everything you needed to know to move on into a greater state of consciousness. if you are conscious of the world you can be conscious of yourself, but if and only if this is the case, can it be so.



post communication. post steel towers of post soy bean fields of post central arkansas of post what you knew but have now moved on on from. i don't need that shit anymore. i am a self-made man! moving on at a rate of speed too fast to clock with any technological device meant to clock the speed of moving objects! FIVE-OH-ONE TO NINE-OH-ONE. this is all subject to change, but it depends on your desire to do such a thing.

you done left me here, waiting at the bottom of the stairs with my eyes closed. i done just broke my phone in half. quite lieterally! i did it with my own two hands, on my own porch! i threw the remnants in the yard, upon my own free-will. i got free-will like you ain't never seen! i am my own significant human, with my own significant other from the past who is still residing in my brain. who is still arguing with me on my phone at 3 a.m. yesterday. but however, no longer exists in reality. as of ten minutes ago/ i destroyed her! nothing exists if it is not here, now, and currently available. i will get a new phone on monday. i have the time, and the money.

she told me that i don't know what it's like to be free. that i don't know who i am. that i can't leave where i am, even though i should because i have so much potential that i'm 'ignoring'. she said that i shouldn't have abandoned her, and her me.

it's just too fucking late. isn't it? i think it is.

the number will change.

you won't ever make me your slave again. i am not to be enslaved. i've seen too many historical examples that have guided me in a direction, different from such heresy. to make the same mistake would be to make myself the poster-child of ignorance.

what about the freedom sisters? what about the dead lecturer? i worked on both of those exhibitions. i am the educator, and the working-class. read the commercial appeal, if you need proof.

i don't know what this means, but i'm trying, and i'm steadily gaining a true understanding. underestimating the potential of yourself and your significant other would be the gravest of mistakes. the ones you couldn't make in the time you have left here.

this city is not big enough to house you, so get the fuck out.

monster of monsters! don't you know what you can feel? don't you know what it's like to see clearly?

can't you see well enough to judge? what is your sense of knowledge based on, brother?

sorry if that was sexist. i never mean to be sexist. i just want, and need what i refer to. did you gain am understanding? do you get my drift?

rachael. renee. greenwood? my 'self' and my 'other'?


i'll try again later.

i love you.

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